NFSTRIKE Active Noise Canceling Anti-noise Tactical Bluetooth Headset with Silicone Earmuffs

NFSTRIKE Active Noise Canceling Anti-noise Tactical Bluetooth Headset with Silicone Earmuffs


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.Effectively reduce environmental noise with a significant noise reduction effect to more than 80 decibels of environmental noise, effectively protect the hearing.
.Compact Design: Adopts a compact design for easy carrying when not in use.
.Upgrade Bluetooth Connection: After powering on the Bluetooth up the switch toggle, the blue LED starts to flash, paired it with a cell phone and listen to songs.
.Left and Right Microphone Swapping: Microphone and downstream cable can be quickly swapped between left and right sides according to the user’s habit.
.Isolate Interference & Noise Reduction: Intelligent audio processing and multiple noise reduction technology allow you to hear the surrounding environment.
.Micro USB Charging: With a built-in capacity of 480 mAh battery for long time use, the charging port has a rubber dust ring.

Battery life:
1. Bluetooth standby about 72 hours.
2. Open Bluetooth mode about 30 hours.
3. Open noise reduction mode about 48 hours.
.Waterproof Rubber Plug: Microphone and lower outlet jacks are equipped with special waterproof rubber plugs, effectively preventing dust and water from entering and prolonging the life of the headset.
.Silicone Earmuffs: Made of silicone as the main material, which is comfortable and close to the skin.
.Small Button Design: Small button switch and volume adjustment keys, effectively preventing accidental contact.
.Configured with Two Types of Adapters: This headset is suitable for both OPS CoreARC specification and Team WendyM-LOK specification rails.
.Increase Adjustment Range: The large adjustment range of the helmet adapter arm, foldable when not using to make the ear fully cooling.
.With Cable Management Buckle: Armed with cable management buckle on the helmet adapter, you can organize the headphone cable to prevent hooks hanging.
.With Double-sided Fastening Loop: With double-sided fastening loop, use the helmet fastening loop, organizing the headset alignment and reducing hooks hanging.


.Color: Camo/Dark Camo
.Material: Nylon + Silicone
.Product Weight: 530g
.Product Dimensions: 10×9.6×22cm
.Peso del paquete: 750g
.Package Dimensions: 15×15×25cm
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