NFSTRIKE Head-mounted PVS-14 Micro Light Infrared Monocular Night Vision Device for Observation and Patrol (Black)
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NFSTRIKE Head-mounted PVS-14 Micro Light Infrared Monocular Night Vision Device for Observation and Patrol (Black)

El precio original era: €225.93.El precio actual es: €207.85.


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    • Compatible with the J-arm night vision device interface with a single screw fixation.
    • The chic, mini, and lightweight device features an ergonomic human body engineering design, which is easy to operate.
    • Adopts a rectangular field of view, this PVS-14 monocular night vision device is able to focus on the target range larger and increases the target light sensitivity for clearly and farther even in complete darkness.
    • Featuring extremely resistant to bumps and vibrations to withstand the impact of more than 20 people’s heavy acceleration. Perfect for your outdoor activities in different geographical locations.
    • The multi-layer coating technology for the coated eyepiece, so that the light pass rate from 50% to more than 95%, increases the contrast and vividness of color, greatly improving the observation effect.
    • Designed with a comprehensive precision multi-layer coating objective lens with transmittance as high as 95%, the sharp imaging, is significantly better than similar telescopes at home and abroad in observing the brightness, image quality and authenticity of the color of the object.
    • Boasts a wide field of view, a large exit diameter, and a long exit pupil distance, making it possible to observe targets clearly in various low-light environments, even when wearing protective masks or glasses.
    • This device stands out due to the better sealing effect of the focusing system with higher accuracy.
    • Provide excellent anti-slip design for easy carrying, and modern engineering and technical materials ensures super compressive and shockproof performance in harsh environments.
    • Ideal for tactical operations, reconnaissance, hunting, security and surveillance, camping, exploring caves, night fishing or boating, and wildlife observation and photography, among others.


    • .Material: ABS
    • .De color negro
    • .Entrance Pupil Diameter: 28mm
    • .Exit Pupil Diameter: 14mm
    • .Exit Pupil Distance: 15mm
    • .Field of View Angle: 6.4°
    • .Maximum Night Observation Distance: Greater than 200m
    • .Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.8mm
    • .Coated Eyepiece: Wideband Multi-layer Blue Film
    • .Coated Objective: Wideband Multi-layer Blue Film
    • .Focusing System: Seperate Adjustment of the Objective Lens and Eyepiece
    • .Sensor: 1/4” COMS
    • .Horizontal Resolution: 420lines
    • .Illumination Device: IR LCD
    • .Display: LCD
    • .Waterproof Function: Yes
    • .Magnification: 2x Zoom
    • .Battery: AA Battery
    • .Peso del producto: 300g
    • .Product Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 5.5cm

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