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Artifact Mod Works 12 Short Bullets Ammo Cartridge Reload Clip Tactical Short Bullet Clip for Nerf - Transparent

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Artifact Mod Works 12 Short Bullets Ammo Cartridge Reload Clip Tactical Short Bullet Clip for Nerf - Transparent Black


.100% Brand new with high quality.
.Made of quality ABS in fine workmanship that is solid and durable.
.The reload clip adopts high quality stainless steel spring that has good elasticity, is not easy to get stuck.
.This reload clip is suitable for Nerf toy gun whose bullet length is 3.2-3.7cm, not for long foam bullet.
.This bullet clip can hold 12 foam or soft bullets.
.Suitable for the crowd over 8 years old.


.Color: Transparent Black
.Material: ABS + Stainless Steel Spring
.Product Dimensions: 21*9.1*3cm
.Product Weight: 112g
.Package Dimensions: 23*9.7*3.5cm
.Package Weight: 116g
.Packing: OPP Bag

Package Content:

.1 x Bullet Clip
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Most Helpful Reviews
A Magazine Optimized for Artifact Breech Kits
Artifact (searchable through their Facebook page of “Artifact Blaster Mod Works”) is a name that has been echoed throughout the Nerf aftermarket/modding community for a little over 2 years now. Artifact’s initial product launch consisted of 3 stefan (community terminology for a ½ the length of traditional darts) specific breech kits, specifically for 3 of the more popular spring powered blasters: the Longshot, Retaliator and Elite Alpha Trooper (EAT). With the launch of the of these 3 blaster breech kits came the original Artifact stefan magazine that featured a center of the magwell dart feed, an impressive 20 dart capacity and came in solid black, clear and blue (which mimics the blue of the now discontinued, Pak Designs 12 dart stefan magazines. The original 20 dart stefan magazine had some notable design flaws, similar to rival company Xplorer’s 18 dart magazine in that the 2 shell halves of the magazine tend to grab too tightly on the spring guided follower that sends the darts to the breech resulting in jams and misfeeds. This problem could be corrected with fine tuning of the tension on the screws holding the halves of the magazine together, however this is a fickle remedy at best and having this tension be too loose can cause its own issues (misaligned magazine spring/screws falling out, etc.). Despite the small quirks of Artifact’s initial lineup they continued to improve their brand and did not disappoint with their follow-up products which consisted of gorgeous anodized cnc aluminum kits for the retaliator and longshot, the Punisher and Hunter kits respectively. These kits took out a lot of the guesswork and cutting required of the 1st gen kits and offered a durable drop-in solution for people looking to get some serious power from these blasters (note that the less popular EAT kit appears to of been discontinued). To go along with these impressive new products, Artifact listened to consumer feedback and released a new line of magazines, the Artifact P-Mags, which have eliminated the previous feeding issues. NFStrike, a new up and coming distributer of Nerf aftermarket products has a large inventory of Artifact products, probably one of the largest selections in fact, containing products I have never otherwise seen in the North American market such as the Artifact Stampede metal breech and plunger cap. NFStrike also carries the aforementioned Hunter and Punisher kits as well as the original 20 round Artifact magazines. NFstrike’s international shipping rates are some of the best I’ve seen anywhere and from what I’ve gathered from community feedback, their turn-around time (from order placement to order arrival) is typical of most international vendors in the 2-8 week realm, which can sometimes all depend on the postal service. I received the Artifact P-mag along with a few other products (articles to come) for review and testing in roughly 2-3 weeks from the shipment date from NFStrike. The items arrived sufficiently packaged and undamaged. The Artifact P-Mag I received from NFStrike was clear transparent in finish; they also are available in solid black and black transparent. The magazine is injection molded in durable plastic. Unlike some of the worker magazines I’ve handled (which in my opinion are of the highest quality plastic) there was some flexing of the side walls of the magazines, although this did not hinder performance or their ability to be carried in magazine holders like fast-mag carriers or pouches. It should be noted, unlike the previous 20 round Artifact magazines, the P-Mags are oriented to feed from the front of the magazine which is a crucial element to their compatibility with various breeches. In my opinion, a front oriented breech and magazine system make the most sense as the dart has less room to travel to reach the barrel and less travel allows for more reliable and smoother feeding of darts into the barrel. Due to the nature of the dart alignment in the magwell, the p-mag is incompatible with some breech designs that are center feeding. For instance, in tests with this P-Mag and Xplorer’s Retaliator breech design, the dart feed lips at the top of the magazine push in between the flaps of the dart gate making it impossible to close the breech. That being said, if you’re using any pusher style breech design from Artifact you’re in luck because the P-mag is optimized to perform with these breeches and allow for smooth feeding of darts into the barrel as well as enough clearance for the metal pusher to pass between the dart feed lips. Unfortunately, compatibility issues seem to be a regular occurrence amongst many products from third party Nerf part distributors and has come to be expected. It is possible with some modification of the breech guide, the P-Mag could be made to work well with Xplorer breeches. My overall opinion of the Artifact P-mags is high, they are super compact and attractive, work well with their intended usage with Artifact products, have a decent 14 dart capacity and I experienced no jams or misfeeds. At this time, I still feel Worker is king of quality of all Nerf magazine manufacturer’s, even Nerf branded magazines themselves, but Artifact is definitely a worthy contender. If you’re building a blaster based on the Hunter or Punisher platforms I think the Artifact P-Mags are a smart buy as they are optimized to be compatible with these particular systems.
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