AGT Taco 22L Canvas Bag Unisex Outdoor Cycling Backpack
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AGT Taco 22L Canvas Bag Unisex Outdoor Cycling Backpack



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    • An American large pack bag was disassembled and remade into the medium-sized round barrel backpack, using a variety of military fabrics. The backpack comes with a separate iPad compartment and 7 attachment points, suitable for daily commuting or outdoor cycling.
    • The bag features the main pocket opening that can be quickly opened through a denim buckle, separate pouch on the back and exposed large-sized zipper offering multiple ways for quick access.
    • Notes: This product is remade with disassembled military fabric so that the surface of the product may have oil stains and other damage marks.
    • Note that there are retained original scars on the animal leather. The ready-to-use backpack boasts stone wash process without breaking the finished product. Hand washing with clean water is recommended.
    • Remember to put it in a cool place to dry after washing. Coat the leather regularly with poultices of sheep oil or mink oil.


    .Material: Canvas + Nylon + Leather + Brass + Iron
    .Type: Remake
    .Processes: Screen Printing&Stone Wash
    .Capacity: 22L
    .Product Weight: 1000g

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    Weight1100 g