NFSTRIKE CH-53E Super Stallion 1/35 Scale Military-themed Building Blocks Set (2192PCS)
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NFSTRIKE CH-53E Super Stallion 1/35 Scale Military-themed Building Blocks Set (2192PCS)



💥The first military-type building block from NFstrike in association with renowned designer DarthDesigner!!!

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    • Model Description: Authorized and designed by DarthDesigner, this modern military-themed model in a 1/35 scale highly restores the CH-53E Super Stallion.
    • This model undergones multiple physical structure validations, ensuring error-free assembly. Comes with stickers for display and collection.
    • With a total of 2192 parts, individually packaged in step-by-step and seperate bags, saving time and reducing the risk of losing parts during assembly.
    • Comes with a HD paper instructions with detailed steps, making it easy to complete even for beginners.
    • Suitable for 16+. Packaged in a graphic carton, it makes an excellent choice as a Christmas gift, home decor item, or collectible for enthusiasts of building blocks and military model collectors.
    • Background:
      The CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavy-lift helicopter operated by the United States military. As the S-80, it was developed from the CH-53 Sea Stallion, mainly by adding a third engine, adding a seventh blade to the main rotor, and canting the tail rotor 20°. The less common MH-53E Sea Dragon fills the United States Navy’s need for long-range minesweeping or airborne mine countermeasures missions, and performs heavy-lift duties for the Navy. The CH-53K King Stallion, which has new engines, new composite rotor blades, and a wider aircraft cabin, is set to replace the CH-53E.


    • Material: ABS
    • Product Weight: 1450g
    • Package Weight: 1668g
    • Package Dimensions: 43 x 28 x 10cm
    • Packing: Graphic Carton
    • Ages: 16+

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