F22 Raptor Fighter Model Assembly Toy Building Blocks Set (1837PCS)

F22 Raptor Fighter Model Assembly Toy Building Blocks Set (1837PCS)


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    • F-22 “Raptor” fighter, is a single-seat twin-engine high stealth fifth-generation fighter developed by the US, the world’s first fifth-generation fighter into service. The model is highly reproduced with the missiles can be hidden in the fuselage, and the landing gear can be retracted inside the fuselage. Equipped with all types of air combat missiles and bombs on the ground, this model is suitable for assembling collection. This model is in the dimension of 52 × 40 × 16cm when assembly finished.
    • Built from 1427 blocks with a sturdy structure, detailed instructions ensure a relaxing and joyful assembling with hands-on ability, thinking ability and creativity improved, also perfect for festivals, birthday gifts, and home decor.
    • Contains premium parts made of eco-friendly ABS material. Besides, the premium parts, in rich colors, are free of burrs and edges, ensuring safe assembly.
    • Notes: Suitable for children over 16+. Small particles are attached inside, please pay attention to the use and placement, and take care to prevent children from swallowing by mistake.


    • Material: ABS
    • Product Weight: 1750g
    • Package Weight: 1950g
    • Product Dimensions: 52 × 40 × 16cm
    • Ages: 16+

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    Weight2000 g