FCS AMP HeadSet w V60 PTT combo

FCS AMP HeadSet w V60 PTT combo


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FCS Tactical Headsets AMP HeadSet

AMP Specifications:
AMP HeadSet is Head-mounted & Helmet-mounted Dual Purpose Headphon,The design of fast switching between them
AMP HeadSet Helmet-mounted currently support the FAST series of Helmet ARC Rail, such as Maritime, SF, Highcut, Sentry helmet incompatible with AF, T-Wendy, MTEK and other helmet.
Headphone connection port : NATO standard interface U-174/u plug
Battery(Not included in package): No.7 battery (AAA) x2pcs, only used for noise reduction power supply, radio communication, no battery power supply, can be connected directly
Color: BK / DE /FG
Noise Protection Ratings:NRR 26dB(H:34dB/M:28dB/L:16dB)

Compatible Radio & PTT:


Compatible with various NATO standard communication models,:FCS-148,FCS-U94,FCS-V60 & Original EARMOR M51,M52 & TCA and other military regulations PTT (NATO military regulations sequence)

v60 PTT Features:


V60 is designed to be the ultimate communications hub and capable of connecting into practically any type of communication device, such as multiple net radios, smart phones, a broad range of audio devices, headsets (tactical, covert and commercial) and intercom systems for land, sea and air vehicles.


3 Com Ports
4 PTT Buttons
145 Grams
70 x 63 x 25 mm
Powers From Comms
Multiple Headsets
Com Auto-Sensing

Warm Tip:

Only headphones can’t communicate directly (The corresponding PTT needs to be connected)
Not suitable for Peltor element ELEMENT Z-Tac and other PTT.
Avoid current murmur when connecting walkie-talkies. Turn to low power
(walkie-talkies recommend using TRI/TCA/FCS/Baofeng brands such as Hainengda are incompatible)

Package list:
1 x 1pcs AMP HeadSet (Head-mounted)
1 x 1pair AMP Connecting helmet rail adapter
1 x 1pcs U-174/u Lower outlet connecting line
1 x 1set of magic tape
1 x 1Product description

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