Fighter Jet Military MOC Model Building Blocks Set
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Fighter Jet Military MOC Model Building Blocks Set



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  • The Rafale Fighter, is a versatile fourth-generation semi-stealth multirole fighter with twin engines, a delta wing, and high maneuverability. It excels not only in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat but also in naval operations. Delta wing design and extensive weaponry make it one of the most comprehensive fighter jets globally. Product Dimensions: 55 x 41 x 19cm (2099PCS)
  • The F-14 Tomcat, is a carrier-based fighter jet with a unique twin-seat, twin-engine, twin-tail, variable-sweep wing layout. It was the most powerful aircraft among third-generation fighters. Some are still in service with the Iranian Air Force. Equipped with an array of formidable weaponry. Its wing configuration can be adjusted, making it a prominent figure in military aviation and a star in ambitious movies. Product Dimensions: 55 x 66 x 17cm (1600PCS)
  • The F-15 Eagle, is a supersonic jet fighter of the US, belonging to the fourth generation. With a total production quantity exceeding 1,200 units, it has various modifications and has been exported to six countries. The F-15 is a heavyweight fighter, equipped with an abundance of missiles and bombs, and features retractable landing gear. Product Dimensions: 55.5 x 36.5 x 17cm (2216PCS)
  • The MiG-29 (Russian: МиГ-29; English: MiG-29) is a medium-sized twin-engine fighter jet. As an outstanding multirole fighter, it was once exported to more than 30 countries, with a total production exceeding 1600 units. The MiG-29 features a striking camouflage green color scheme, classic twin-tail design, and high precision. Product Dimensions: 48 x 34 x 15cm (1387PCS/Camo Green)
  • The SU-57 fighter jet is the most advanced fifth-generation stealth fighter of the Russian. The SU-57 comes in a sky-blue color scheme with realistic design, flat design, and an array of weapons and transfer stickers. Product Dimensions: 57 x 41 x 13cm (1456PCS/Light-blue)
  • Contains professional and detailed PAPER assembly instructions.
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Dassault Rafale, F-14, F-15E, MIG-29, SU-57