Lii Gear 20L Octopus Generation II Outdoor Backpack Casual Commuting Functional Bob Waterproof Backpack (Limited Version)


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  • The hook and loop fastener area is reserved for freely attaching preferred tactical patches.
  • The mounting system is upgraded to a lighter laser-cut MOLLE, compatible with more mainstream auxiliary bags.
  • With an openable front panel, an internal large area of loop can be used for attaching built-in pouches.
  • Made of X-PAC fabric to pursue lightweight and excellent waterproof performance.
  • Tape and elastic joint design enhances the durability of side pouches.
  • Laser-cut MOLLE used on the sides for a unified appearance and flexible options.
  • Hidden zipper design on the top for convenient hydration tube or charging device access.
  • Utilize a butterfly bridge design and an additional laser-cut shoulder strap MOLLE (not included in the basic version).
  • Shoulder strap attachment points can secure tools, keychains, and other accessories.
  • Adjustable chest strap for quick adjustments based on height and body type, ensuring a more even distribution of force.
  • With a replaceable shoulder strap design, both upgraded and basic versions can purchase the heavy-duty shoulder strap to upgrade.
  • Fishbone-style carrying system provides a lightweight, highly breathable experience while adding lumbar support.
  • The back panel rod insert slot is reserved, the titanium rod insert is included with the upgraded version.


  • Material: Dyneema/X-PAC
  • Basic Version: Simple Shoulder Straps, No Titanium Rod Inserts, Made of Cordura 500D Material
  • Upgraded Version: Upgraded Carbon Fiber Heavy-duty Shoulder Straps, Including Titanium Rod Inserts, Made of Dyneema Material
  • Model: Mr. Octopus Generation II
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Product Weight: 1350g
  • Package Weight: 1500g
  • Product Dimensions: 50×28×5cm

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Weight1500 g

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