NFSTRIKE M88 NIJ IIIA Tactical Multi-functional Shockproof Riot Helmet

NFSTRIKE M88 NIJ IIIA Tactical Multi-functional Shockproof Riot Helmet


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  • Made of high-quality PE material, lightweight and excellent resistance to impact and crushing. The high-density foam layer provides effective shock absorption and cushioning.
  • Breathable Chin Strap: Adopt high-quality plastic for a safe, odorless, soft, comfortable, and durable wearing experience.
  • Adjustable Chin Strap Buckle: Allows for easy adjustment of the tightness to fit any size.
  • Leather Cushioning Strap: Equipped with cushioning foam in the middle, offering a comfortable fit and effectively reducing impact on the forehead.
  • Rubber-Edge Wrapping: High-quality rubber edge wrapping enhances edge strength to prevent injury, making a great sense of aesthetic.
  • Shock-absorbing & Breathable Padding: Covered with nylon mesh and leather on the top, along with cushioning foam, greatly reducing impact on the top of the head.
  • Cushioning Strap + Head Circumference Adjustment: Boasting a comfortable fit without impact, the adjustable size suits a large extent of head circumference.
  • Featuring GA-2/NIJ IIIA protection level , capable of withstanding Type 51 7.62mm pistol bullets (lead core), as well as U.S. .357 SIG flat-nose FMJ bullets and .44 Magnum SJHP bullets.
  • Suitable for scenarios such as CS gaming, outdoor activities, target shooting, law enforcement, and more.


  • .Color: Black / Army Green
  • .Material: PE
  • .Suitable Head Circumference: 56-61cm
  • .Protection Level: NIJ IIIA
  • .Product Weight: 1400g
  • .Product Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 25cm

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Weight1500 g