NFSTRIKE 3-ring Bamboo-shaped Darts Fit Nerf Emitter (200PCS)
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NFSTRIKE 3-ring Bamboo-shaped Darts Fit Nerf Emitter (200PCS)


This offbrand ammo from nfstrike is some of the cheapest yet best performing nerf darts from an accuracy standpoint.

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  • These products with a luminous effect are able to glow in the dark when the head is illuminated, which is also suitable for use at night and convenient to find, evoking immersive fun.
  • These products are nerf accessories and not for any other products.
  • The high-precision products are made of high-density sponge + warheads, adopting hand cutting for more evenness & smoothness and special glue for more stability & durability without dropping. The middle injection position on the top of the darts offers more uniform molding and more stable performance.

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