NFSTRIKE DK22 Ratel Tactical GA2 Level Bulletproof Lightweight Helmet
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NFSTRIKE DK22 Ratel Tactical GA2 Level Bulletproof Lightweight Helmet

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Suitable Head Circumference: 58-63cm

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  • The helmet is designed with tank cut surface, adopting the equivalence principle of armor that increases the equivalent thickness instead of physical thickness for enhanced defense capabilities.
  • The ultra-lightweight helmet is the lightest in the same level and features strong concealing performance, which improves the response ability of a single solider/police, reduces the exposure area on the front and changes the head profile for increased targeting difficulty for the enemies.
  • The helmet is completely compatible with gas masks, explosion-proof masks, night vision devices, flashlights, signal lights, communication equipment and battery auxiliary compartments.
  • The helmet provides effective protection and is able to resist bullet penetration, fragmentation and stray bullet injury by utilizing the cutting angle.
  • The product adopts HEAD-LOC suspension technique for easy facial adjustment.
  • The helmet comes with OCC-DIAL knob adjuster for adjusting head circumference with ease.
  • The helmet features X-shape loops for free loading of external components.
  • Bullet-proof Grade and Shooting Distance: 1954 style 7.62mm pistol/1951style 7.62mm pistol bullet, 5 meters.

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Weight2000 g