NFSTRIKE Level Ⅲ Lightweight Body Armor Plate
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NFSTRIKE Level Ⅲ Lightweight Body Armor Plate



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  • The product is made of ultra-high molecular PE material for lightness and thinness, of which weight and thickness are only half of the plate with the same protection level.
  • The intensive body armor plate made with unique workmanship offers outstanding stability, consistency and bulletproof ability, which is lightly dented and able to withstand multiple shots and prevent ricochet secondary hurt.
  • Bulletproof Level and Shooting Distance: AK47 is designed in 1956 with 6 rounds of 7.62mm ordinary steel core bullets which are at a speed of 725±10m/s with an angle of incidence of 0 degrees, and a range of 15 meters.

Level III:

  • Level III: It needs to be able to defend against M80 full metal jacket (FMJ), and the minimum bullet speed does not exceed 838m/s (the weight of the bullet is 9.6 grams).
  • It can cope with conventional bullets of M80, M193, AK and other rifles. This is also the most defense level used for bulletproof inserts. There are many products of different materials at this level, and the prices are also very different. Users can choose according to their own situation to select.


  • Material: Ultra-high Molecular PE
  • Package Weight: 1000g
  • Protection Level: Ⅲ
  • Protection Area: 0.075㎡ (250mmX300mm)
  • Product Thickness: 12mm
  • Packing: Bubble Bag

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