NFSTRIKE Lightweight Quick-release MOLLE Tactical Vest for Military Enthusiasts (1000D Original MC)

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  • Adjustable & Quick-release: Adjustable for waist & shoulder, the vest contours to your form. (Waist Size: 75-125cm) It adopts unidirectional buckles for quick release and easy operation.
  • Elastic Side Cummerbund: The cummerbund comes with 4 pouches that can be loaded with flashlights, walkie-talkies, tourniquets and other equipment as required on each side, ensuring the quick reaction to various movements and the durability and comfort of the vest.
  • Made of 1000D Original MC, the breathable vest with wear & tear resistance features the built-in air-flow carrying system, making it super cool and comfortable to wear.
  • The curved shoulder straps allow you to carry easily while the thickened foam and ergonomic design reduce the pressure for you.
  • Double Protection Design: The vest is designed with front and rear compartments that are able to hold 25*30cm protection plates.
  • Coming with loops on both sides, the front detachable triple mag pouch is able to hold 5.56 and 7.62 magazines, allowing you to change the equipment according to your needs.
  • Uses: Suitable for the role-playing in CS games, military fans, outdoor activities, target shooting, law enforcement and so on.


.Material: Material: 1000D Original MC
.Size: Average (Waist Size: 75-125cm)
.Product Weight: 1500g
.Package Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 5cm
.Package Weight: 1750g
.Packing: Bag

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Weight1750 g