NFSTRIKE NV800 Digital Night Vision Device HD Telescope Infrared Imager
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NFSTRIKE NV800 Digital Night Vision Device HD Telescope Infrared Imager

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    • The image sensor adopts an II-generation 1.3 million pixels CMOS infrared-enhanced image sensor with 10-nm high sensitivity, effectively reducing noise and providing clear, delicate, and sharp images.
    • 1/2.8-inch Photosensitive Chip: The photosensitive component is 1/2.8, larger in size, higher pixel count, and stronger light sensitivity, resulting in richer details in both bright and dark areas.
    • HD LCD Screen: Equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, and HD high-definition 1280×960 pixel image resolution, thereby offering better color reproduction and higher contrast, providing a more realistic visual experience.
    • LED Infrared Light: Featuring a 5W high-power infrared light, allowing you to see farther in completely dark environments compared to ordinary night vision devices. The higher the intensity of the auxiliary light, the farther the infrared illumination distance and the longer the observation distance.
    • Extended Battery Life: Equipped with 2 rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries, when fully charged, it can continuously support the infrared function for 10 hours, greatly surpassing conventional night vision devices and avoiding frequent recharging. An independent battery compartment allows two large-capacity batteries simultaneously for uninterrupted operation.
    • The skidproof surface with strong resistance to bumps and vibrations, making it suitable for outdoor environments in different geographical locations.
    • Excellent performance including a wide field of view, large exit pupil diameter, and long exit pupil distance for clear observation of targets in various low-light environments.
    • This device stands out due to the objective lens with better sealing and higher precision, resulting in sharper imaging, significantly outperforming similar night vision devices in terms of brightness, image quality, and color authenticity.
    • Able to capture photos and record videos. By connecting it to a computer via USB, you can transfer images and videos. Outfitted with audio and a miniature speaker, allowing you to record sound and narration during shooting.
    • Transfer to a monitor by connecting to a television to directly display images on the TV screen. Or connecting it to the TV’s video output interface with a video cable, the NV800 screen will automatically turn off.
    • Compatible with 2 power supply options: either directly charge it through the USB port or use a Charge Pal for charging.
    • Application Scenarios: Including tactical operations, reconnaissance, hunting, security and surveillance, camping adventures, cave exploration, night fishing and boating, wildlife observation, and photography.


    • .Material: ABS
    • .Color: Black
    • .Magnification: 7.2X
    • .Objective Lens Aperture: 31mm
    • .Exit Pupil Distance: 30mm
    • .Viewing Angle: 7°
    • .Low-light Observation Distance: 1m – infinity
    • .Total Darkness Observation Distance: 300m
    • .Sensor: High-sensitivity Image Sensor
    • .Resolution: 1280*960
    • .Infrared Light: 5W 850nm/940nm
    • .Display: 640*480 TFT Screen
    • .Electronic Magnification: 2X
    • .DC Power: 5V/2A
    • .External Battery: Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Battery
    • .Power Voltage: 7-8.4V
    • .Battery Life: 10h
    • .Product Weight: 655g
    • .Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 15 x 6.4cm

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