NFSTRIKE U.T.A X-Merlin Laser Cutting Plate Carrier
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NFSTRIKE U.T.A X-Merlin Laser Cutting Plate Carrier



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  • Color MC material is 500D+1000D high strength nylon; Color RG material: imported cordura fabric; Color BK material: 500D+1000D high strength flame retardant nylon
  • Modularity: The whole vest adopts the laser cutting MOLLE system, and the magic hair part also adopts the laser cutting composite process, which makes the vest extremely extensible.

Introduction of Various Parts of The Vest:

  • Front Chest Design: There is a zipper pocket on the front chest, which is convenient for storing important small items such as keys and documents. There is a laser-cut reserved hole above the zipper pocket on the front chest, which can be used with law enforcement recorders, hand marks, and walkie-talkies Etc. Laser cutting magic hair position on the chest, which can be posted with ID Card. The front chest can be loaded with the standard triple universal blaster magazine pouch, and can also be replaced with other optional equipment sets.
  • Back Design: There are two preset hanging points on the back, which can be loaded with the optional Gray-backed Falcon tactical backpack. The back is equipped with a rescue towing handle, which is convenient for teammates to drag and rescue after being injured and falling to the ground.
  • Shoulder Design: Mesh sandwich shoulder pads are used to cushion and breathe and improve the comfort of long-term wear. The shoulder straps are preset with buckles, which are convenient to guide and fix the water bag drinking pipe and the headset line. The shoulder and waist are adjustable design, suitable for Adjust to the most comfortable size for people of different body types.
  • Waist Design: Military quick release buckles on both sides of the waist, with a pull-type quick release method, which can be controlled with one hand, and is convenient to put on and take off. The outer sides of the waist on both sides adopt the laser cutting Molle system, which is extremely expandable and can be loaded directly with the magazine jacket Expansion kits such as, accessory bags, etc., can also be directly loaded with equipment adapted to the Molle system. There are 2 elastic webbing on the inner side of the waist on both sides, and a total of 4 blaster magazines can be loaded.
  • The front chest, back, and both sides of the waist are equipped with chip compartments. The front and back pieces can be placed with conventional SAPI bulletproof panels (30cm x 25cm), and the two sides of the waist can be placed with custom chips (15.5cm x 14cm).
  • The inside of the vest is made of flannel material, and can be equipped with general armored fishbone heat dissipation cushions, which increase the comfort and breathability of wearing

Package Content:

  • 1 x Vest
  • 1 x Triple Blaster Magazine Pouch (6 Blaster Magazines)
  • 2 x Fishbone Cooling Mat
  • 1 x Tactical Backpack

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