UTA Effective Armor Principle Level III Reinforced Body Armor

UTA Effective Armor Principle Level III Reinforced Body Armor


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  • Made of super high performance composite material, the shield is as weight as the half other sheilds under the equivalent protective level.
  • The appearance of sheild is designed with tank geometry multi-angle section for an increase on the section angle on the basis of curved plate according to the effective armor principle. All that so as to a simultaneously incremental effective thickness and immobile physical thickness for maximized defense performance of the bulletproof plate.
  • Equipped with practical new patent and ergonomic multi curved surface and concave arc design on the shoulders with adjustable angle, the tactical shield offers a comfortable and fitting wearing experience.
    Suitable for pistol shooting stance, long gun shoulder stance and prone shooting stance with angle support and other tactical stances.
  • With special processing technology, the bulletproof shield features stability, incredible consistency, high strength, lightweight, repeating resistance, small pits and stunning bulletproof performance and is capable of withstanding multiple hits without second ricochet injury.

Level III:

  • The NIJ’s defense levels against rifles are divided into III and IV. To defend this level, you need to use a hard bulletproof plate.
  • Level III: It needs to be able to defend against M80 full metal jacket (FMJ), and the minimum bullet speed does not exceed 838m/s (the weight of the bullet is 9.6 grams).
  • It can cope with conventional bullets of M80, M193, AK and other rifles. This is also the most defense level used for bulletproof inserts. There are many products of different materials at this level, and the prices are also very different. Users can choose according to their own situation to select.


.Material: Super High Performance Bulletproof Material
.Color: Tundra
.Protection Level: NIJ Level III
.Plate Dimensions: 250*303mm
.Product Dimensions: 30.3 x 25 x 1.2cm
.Product Weight: 1800g
.Packing: Bubble Bag

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Weight2300 g