FCS C3 Headset COMTAC3 Pickup Noise Reduction Headphone Tactical Headset – Silicone Version
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FCS C3 Headset COMTAC3 Pickup Noise Reduction Headphone Tactical Headset – Silicone Version

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  • Connect the radio to provide a good communication function. (The interface defines a communication device that is fully compatible with the NATO standard interface). And whether the internal battery of the earphone has power, or whether the power of the earphone is activated, it can be used to connect the radio communication of the intercom normally, without worrying about the soft failure that the communication machine can not send the message because the battery is exhausted.
  • Automatically and quickly adjust the high sound pressure noise of various explosion sounds, gunshots, vehicles and aircraft in the battlefield environment to the safe range that human ears can adapt. The sound field processing process in the whole process is much faster than normal human hearing. Range, in actual test, there is no sound phase difference or excessive delay.
  • Made of high-strength new materials, the tactical communication earphones as part of the helmet provide protection against the position of the ear and have a degree of protection against ear position.
  • Based on stable and reliable SEO technology, establish a dual-mode (outdoor, indoor) shooting environment-specific auditory protection mode and scheme, fast switching, and protect the hearing more safe and secure. Both TSFS and SEO independent sound processing solutions are linked in a side-chain triggering manner to provide users with safe and reliable hearing protection without affecting the auditory judgment of the environmental situation.
  • Independent circuit processing of the left and right channels can obtain accurate acoustic phase (commonly known as: sense of direction), which is beneficial to the user to obtain accurate and keen judgment ability after wearing. Whether it is ComTac3 or , it can provide high sound pressure noise optimization in outdoor or indoor shooting environments, corresponding to the hearing protection scheme and mode, and the switching operation is very simple.
  • (At the same time, press the two volume increase and decrease buttons at the same time – you can quickly switch, 3 short beeps, indicating that the indoor mode is enabled, and 2 short beeps indicate that the outdoor mode is activated)
  • This product can be easily combined with the Fast Helmet Guide with the special helmet rail mounting button option. When used, it can be adjusted by rotation, and it can have a good fit, a comfortable wearing feeling, and a -like rear storage function, so that the earphone can have various scenes adaptability. The microphone can be easily installed or disassembled to meet the needs of users with low-key travel.


.Color: Olive Drab
.Material: Plastic + Silicone
.Product Weight: 365g
.Package Dimensions: 20.5 x 14.5 x 11.5cm
.Package Weight: 485g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

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Weight600 g

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