NFSTRIKE 3 in 1 TRN Samurai Style Tactical Armor
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NFSTRIKE 3 in 1 TRN Samurai Style Tactical Armor


  • Material: Stainless Steel Armour Plate + 500D Nylon Lining
  • Armour Dimensions: 21cm*24cm
  • Crotch-protector Dimensions: 19cm*26cm
  • Product Weight: 1500g Without Vest

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    • Hooks and loops are built on the crotch protector and pauldron to effectively prevent sliding. It is capable of fixing the pauldron on the strap connection of the tactical vest for absolutely stable shoulder straps.
    • Made of 500D composite nylon around the edges. Uses the lubricating oil to wipe the armour plates for maintenance. The manual lamellar armour is equipped with knots within each layer on the back, please do not untie it.
    • Mainly made with stainless steel, the armour without protective functions is only available as a prop for shooting, Airsoft, Cosplay and other activities. Do not use it as the protective equipment to avoid the unnecessary losses.
    • Notes: Each hand-made armour plate will vary slightly (includes scratches, lines, etc.). Please subject to the received object. This product is not suitable for perfectionists.
    • Notes: The armour plate coated with oil for maintenance will be a smell of oil, please buy it with careful consideration if you are an allergy.

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    Weight1500 g