NFSTRIKE Russian Gorka Combat Uniform Gorka3 Outdoor Assault Hooded Tactical Suit

NFSTRIKE Russian Gorka Combat Uniform Gorka3 Outdoor Assault Hooded Tactical Suit


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  • The breathable and durable sleeves and collar are made of abrasion-resistant & tear-resistant grid-patterned fabric, as well as a smooth soft nylon zipper.
  • This uniform in 3D cutting, is designed with Hoops&Loops on both sides of the arms for attaching reflective signs for outdoor warning or various personalized patches.
  • With significant warmth and a windproof effect, suitable for outdoor activities in spring, autumn, and winter. The added retracting functions prevent insects in summer and snow in winter from entering the pant legs.
  • Equipped with the diagonal integrated front pocket and rear stacked loading pocket on the pants to accommodate protective gear.
  • Boasts excellent water repellency to withstand light to moderate rain when worn.
  • Suitable for outdoor travel, mountaineering, daily wear, outdoor tactical activities, wild fishing in wetlands, CS game role-playing, and more.
  • Size Descriptions:
    Size 44-46/3-4: Length 72cm, Chest Circumance 106cm, Sleeve Length 75cm, Pants 100cm, Waistline 68-82cm, Hipline 110cm
    Size 48-50/5-6: Length 74cm, Chest Circumance 118cm, Sleeve Length 77cm, Pants 101cm, Waistline 70-88cm, Hipline 114cm
    Size 52-54/5-6: Length 76cm, Chest Circumance 124cm, Sleeve Length 79cm, Pants 104cm, Waistline 74-94cm, Hipline 122cm
    Size 56-58/5-6: Length 77cm, Chest Circumance 132cm, Sleeve Length 80cm, Pants 105cm, Waistline 80-104cm, Hipline 126cm
    Size 60-62/5-6: Length 79cm, Chest Circumance 138cm, Sleeve Length 82cm, Pants 108cm, Waistline 90-114cm, Hipline 134cm


  • Material: Polyester & Cotton Blend
  • Product Weight: 1400g
  • Package Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 10cm
  • Package Weight: 1500g
  • Packing: Bag

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44-46 3-4, 48-50 5-6, 52-54 5-6, 56-58 5-6, 60-62 5-6