T-Tiger Plate Carrier & NIJ III Protection Plate (2PCS) & NIJ IIIA Waist Protection Plate (2PCS) Flame Retardant Tactical Gear Set (RG)



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Tiger Tactical Vest:

  • The vest meets all kinds of mission requirements by combining the modules in different ways for protective, carrying & mobile equipment. Comes with modules connected by zippers, the carrying system of the vest boasts support plates for a comfortable and relaxed carrying.
  • The waterproof and oil-repellent vest, made of 500D high-strength nylon, features wear & tear resistance for excellent performance under difficult circumstances and standard fishbone cushion for heat release & antimicrobial effect, providing a more comfortable and breathable experience. The mesh sandwich shoulder pad coming with cushioning effect is breathable for added comfort of long-time wear. Adjustable for shoulder width & waist size, the vest contours to your form for optimum comfort.
  • Designed with the modular laser-cut Molle system, the vest boasts loops adopting laser cutting composite technology for premium extensibility. Various modular equipment can be loaded according to operational needs to achieve multi-scenario mission requirements.
  • The back standard carrying system, including a fixed accessory pouch & a removable accessory pouch, is connected to the vest via zippers. Cummerbunds on both sides are set with protective chip compartments (15.5cm x 14cm) for carrying customized bulletproof plates or soft dual protection chips (30cm x 25cm). The detachable M2 double rifle mag pouch and M3 double SMG&pistol mag pouch are available on the front chest.
  • Designed with military quick-pull buckles on both sides of the waist for quick release and a back drag handle that is easy to drag out with one hand or able to work in conjunction with quick hanging buckles to free hands for rescuing teammates after they fall to the ground with injuries.
  • The inside of the vest is equipped with a universal armored fishbone heat release cushion to increase wearing comfort and breathability.

NIJ IIIA Waist Protection Plates:

  • Made of high-performance polyethylene fiber material, the enhanced protection plates featuring mature & reliable process can be designed according to the protection level and shape that are required.
  • Through a special process, the plates boast outstanding stability & consistency, high strength, lightweight, repeating resistance, slight hollows, excellent bulletproof ability and no second harm due to the ricochets after withstanding multiple blows.

NIJ Class IIIA Protection Levels & Corresponding Gun Ranges:

  • 7.62mm (1977) /7.62mm pistol cartridge, 15m (1964);
  • 7.62mm pistol (1954) /7.62mm pistol cartridge, 15m (1951);
  • 7.62mm light-weight machine gun/7.62mm pistol cartridge, 15m (1951).
    Weight: 175±10g (1 piece)
    Thickness: 8mm (1 piece)
    Protection Area: 155mm x 135mm
    Expiration Date: 5 years

NIJ III Silicon Carbide Plates:

  • Made of high-performance, reinforced & composite polyethylene fiber material, 90 layers PE (10mm) and 6mm silicon carbide, the enhanced protection plates featuring mature & reliable process of 90 layers of PE (10mm) + 6mm silicon carbide can be designed according to the protection level and shape that are required.

Protection Levels & Corresponding Gun Ranges:

  • 7.62 x 63mm AP bullet (M2 machine gun), 15 meters; 7.62 x 54mm LCB (SVD assault rifle), 15 meters;
  • 7.62 x 54mm API bullet (Chinese 79/85 assault rifle), 15 meters;
  • 7.62 x 51mm NATO bullet (M-14), 15 meters;
  • 7.62 x 39mm MSC/API bullet (AK- 47), 15 meters;
  • 5.56 x 45mm M193/SS109/M855 bullet (M-16), 15 meters;
  • various pistol rounds and explosive fragments, 2 meters.
    Weight: 2.1kg (1 piece)
    Thickness: 21mm (1 piece)
    Protection Area: 0.075㎡ (250mm x 300mm)

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