NFSTRIKE 6b13 Plate Killa Armor – Takov Killa Printing Edition
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NFSTRIKE 6b13 Plate Killa Armor – Takov Killa Printing Edition

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    In the second millennium, soldier military equipment underwent major changes because of new threats and challenges. The highest level of protection was required, so Russian army needed a reliable body armor.

    6B13 is the first Russian assault body armor with a high area of protection. This bulletproof vest is a transitional link of evolution between 6B23 and 6B45. The vest has front compartment for а chest plate, two plates compartments on the the back, a high collar, as well as shoulder pads for a weapon sling, backpack, LBE or MOLLE vest.

    This vest is a precise copy of the Killa’s body armor from “Escape from Tarkov” video game. The vest has unique desert pattern and the call sign “Killa” on the front panel. The body armor is adjustable in width with the help of side slings. The front of the collar can be folded down for convenience and secured with a velcro on the front panel.


    • Collar details, fully enclosed adjustable high collar. The collar has a hook-and-loop-type disassembly adjustment structure, which can be adjusted and opened. The rectangular hook-and-loop cover plate under the collar is the opening cover of the front protective plate.
    • There is a launcher pillow on the shoulder, which is easy to rely on. The two-piece hook-and-loop structure can be opened to adjust the length of the body armor.
    • There are external adjustment hooks and tightening straps at the two ribs, which are used to tighten the front and back pieces of the body armor from the outside. Use all metal fasteners.
    • The hook adopts a large thick metal hook similar to the original one. In order to imitate the original product, the paint removal effect is used. Therefore, the electroplating process ensures that the original color of the metal is removed while ensuring that no corrosion occurs. At the same time, the Japanese character hanging buckle also adopts the same reverse installation form as the original product to facilitate hanging.
    • There are thickened EVA inserts on the front and rear, and the insert pockets can be fully opened. Easy to disassemble. The inner lining adopts the same in-cut ventilation strip cushioning lining as the original product. The fabric feels good and comfortable to wear


    .Material: 600D Nylon
    .Product Weight: 1100g
    .Package Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 5cm
    .Package Weight: 1200g
    .Packing: Transparent Ziplock Bag

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