NFSTRIKE K63 Altyn Russian Military Helmet Game Peripherals (Black&White)
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NFSTRIKE K63 Altyn Russian Military Helmet Game Peripherals (Black&White)



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    • Adjustable cushioning pads inside the helmet ensure a comfortable fit.
    • Put on the helmet and adjust the chin strap.
    • Fasten the buckle to secure the O-ring chin strap properly.
    • Use the knob at the back of the helmet to adjust the tightness for a personalized fit.
    • Size: 56-66cm (measurements may have a 1-2cm discrepancy due to manual measurement).
    • Helmet Configuration: Designed with a shell, made of ABS, protective visor(1cm thickness), and galvanized iron face mask that is about 2mm thick (all accessories except the fiberglass shell are made of iron).  Especially, the metal face mask withstands direct shots from 0.22 caliber bullets, providing robust protection.
    • Suitable for airsoft, paintball, military, hunting, live-action CS, and other outdoor activities.


    • Color: Black & White
    • Material: ABS + Galvanized Iron + Acrylic Glass + ESP Cushioning Foam
    • Product Weight: 2200g
    • Package Weight: 2500g
    • Product Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 16cm

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    Weight2500 g